» a PHP class to Create, Read, Update, & Delete from a mysql database table using AJAX

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Since ajaxCRUD is free for non-commercial use, its support model is also free and one of "community interest." We encourage those who use and enjoy ajaxCRUD to ask questions on and contribute to the online forum. Share ideas; ask questions; pose solutions or suggestions. The tool is free and the support is free. We have dedicated members of our team helping to answer questions as they're posted. We cannot claim to be able to answer (or respond) to all of them -- but we try hard. :-)

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If you are a business who wants to use ajaxCRUD for commercial reasons and need to have it supported (should issues occur), we provide Extended Professional Support of our product. Please read below for more information.

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Please visit our support forum to ask questions, contribute, and/or learn.
We provide extended support for businesses that desire to use ajaxCRUD--but must know it is fully supported if an issue occurs. We provide professional and extremely timely support for all our customers.

Please contact us to inquire about further details of our support plan and/or how ajaxCRUD can help streamline your online operations.
What makes a website 'commercial'?
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"Brilliant. Saved insane amounts of time. `nuff said."

What is a business/commercial website?

A commercial website is one created for a business, for which purpose is generating revenue or cash flow of any type (and that isn't under a non-profit organization). So if you're selling a product, selling advertisement, selling a service, or just marketing a commercial business, your site is commercial. A company website is also commercial even if it doesn't sell anything, as it's purpose is to front a commercial company.