» a PHP class to Create, Read, Update, & Delete from a mysql database table using AJAX

   by loud canvas media

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File Upload Example

Consider the following table:

	CREATE TABLE tblMyMp3CollectionDemo(
	fldFilename VARCHAR(150),
	fldTitle VARCHAR(60),
	fldArtist VARCHAR(60),
	fldGenre VARCHAR(40)

File uploading for this demo has been disabled due to repeated hacking attempts.

fgdfgdfg (edit delete) 4 4 Rock
love me do (edit delete) love me do beatles Country
3 (edit delete) 3 3 Country
5 (edit delete) 5 5 Rock
gdfdf (edit delete) gdfgfd gdfgdf Rock
xcvxcv (edit delete) xcvxcv xcvxcvx Blues
vbcb (edit delete) vcbcvb cvbcvb Euro Pop
Add File -- -- Rock
Add File

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