» a PHP class to Create, Read, Update, & Delete from a mysql database table using AJAX

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Most recent/active sql WHERE clause used by the ajaxcrud table.
This is a SESSION variable which can be leveraged in any (other) php page and contains the active WHERE clause used by ajaxCRUD. Introduced in version v8.64. It is set automatically in the addWhereClause method and used for both filtering and manually-defined WHERE conditions. It is stored in a bi-dimentional array, so you need to specify "ajaxcrud_where_clause" as index 0 and then the table name as index 1.

See example file /examples/where_clause_test.php


Requires session_start();
Type variable
Default value


if (isset($_SESSION['ajaxcrud_where_clause']['tblDemo'])){
   $whereClause = $_SESSION['ajaxcrud_where_clause']['tblDemo'];
   echo "ajaxCRUD where clause: " . $whereClause;
   echo "No WHERE clause set (yet)";

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