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**THIS FUNCTION IS DEPRECATED AS OF V6.0; use second (optional) param of addAjaxFilterBox instead**

sets the size (lengh of the textbox) of an ajax filter box
void setAjaxFilterBoxSize( String fieldName, int size)
Use this function when you want to increase or decrease the size of an ajax filter box. You must use the addAjaxFilterBox(fieldname) or addAjaxFilterBoxAllFields() function in order to make this work


Requires addAjaxFilterBox or addAjaxFilterBoxAllFields
Type function
Default 10


name of the field you want to search by
size of the textbox (eg 5, 10...)


$tblDemo->addAjaxFilterBox('fldField1'); $tblDemo->setAjaxFilterBoxSize('fldField1', 4);

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