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Allows you to set logic allowing if deletion of certain rows is permissible or not
void validateDeleteWithFunction ( String functionName )
Use this function when you wish to use logic to determine if a row can be deleted or not. In other words - you can base the decision on data in OTHER fields in the row. As such, the user-defined function will have access to the id (primary key) of the row to make logic-based decision and must return TRUE or FALSE. The parameters of your custom function (which YOU define) must take in ONE (1) argument ($id) and return TRUE or FALSE.


Requires a user-defined function to be set
Type function
Returns user-defined method returns true or false


name of the user-defined function to be invoked



   # this function returns true or false, depending 
   # on if his IP address matches the stored ip address 
   # for the user (i.e. very lame authentication)
   function canRowBeModifiedOrDeleted($id){
     $ip = q1("SELECT fldIPAddress FROM tblUser 
                          WHERE pkUserID = $id");

     if ($ip == $_SERVER["REMOTE_ADDR"])
        return true;

     return false;

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