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calls a local function when a new row is added
void onAddExecuteCallBackFunction ( String functionName )

use this function when you want to apply certain logic (or display a certain message) when a new row is added. Use of this function is similar in a way to a java interface: you must define a function with the name specified in the function call.

The defined function must take ONE parameter (an array). The indexes of this array are the fields of the table. (with one extra index: "id")

NOTE: this function will TURN OFF ajax adding.

NB: if you wish to implement logic which will require headers not be sent prior (e.g. set cookies or header redirects) you will need to set the variable doActionOnShowTable to FALSE and then direct your executing script to call obj->doAction("add").


Requires (callback function)
Type function
Returns void


name of the local, user-defined function to be invoked when a row is added



//down below the showTable() function
function doMyLogicForAdding($array){
  $pkMenuID = $array['pkMenuID'];//indexes are fields from db
  $filename   = $array['fldFilename'];

  //update this table (or some other table)
  if ($fldURL == ''){
    $success = qr("UPDATE tblMenu SET fldURL = \"$filename\"
                              WHERE pkMenuID = $pkMenuID");

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