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when set to true CRUD actions will happen when showTable() is called
CRUD operations will happen (by default) when the showTable() function is called; however, this may not always be desired -- for example when executing callback functions like onAddExecuteCallBackFunction which might require headers not to bet set. Set this to FALSE if you want to have more control over the execution path


Type variable
Default value true


  $obj = new ajaxCRUD("Me", "tblEventAttendee",
                                      "pkAttendeeID", "../ajaxcrud/");

  //ensures headers won't be set first
  $obj->doActionOnShowTable = false; 


  // this needs to be very low in the excution path to 
  // ensure the obj is loaded correctly with every other piece of logic
  if (isset($_REQUEST['action']) && $_REQUEST['action'] != ''){

function onAddCallBackFunction($array){
  global $idsAdded;
  $newID = $array['pkAttendeeID'];
  $idsAdded[] = $newID; //array push

  //set cookie 10 years in the future
    time() + (10 * 365 * 24 * 60 * 60)

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"ajaxCRUD is wonderful."
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